Is burnout busting your ass?

Burn out, burn out, burn out.

It’s something I hear every day from aspiring business owners and established entrepreneurs. I hear it night and day 365 a year – people are burning out in their business and not only is it deeply affecting their health and relationships, but it’s also doing long-term damage to their business.

Because what happens if you go down? Chances are if you don’t have the right contingencies in place, your business will go down too.

I know better than anyone that business requires strength, grit, long hours and a massive amount of time. So how do we do that without completely pushing ourselves over the edge?

The only thing that will help you avoid burnout is something I call business fitness.

Business fitness is your ability to apply yourself for long periods of time, and still remain mentally and psychically healthy without burning out.

Most people burnout in their business because they have a sprint-based psychology. They are constantly running towards their next goal. They’re sprinting towards their next target rather than pacing themselves, so that when they get there, they have enough energy, and they have enough endurance to be able to get to the next milestone.

One of the things that you need to do in order to be successful in the long term and not just in the short term, is to develop business fitness.

It’s all about endurance, and that means treating your business like any athlete would in preparation for a major event.

Put your health first by getting adequate rest, nutrition and hydration to give you the stamina you need to keep going.

Have a plan in place to achieve what you need to achieve in order to get yourself to the next level. And give yourself realistic goals and time frames.

Lastly stretch yourself. A true athlete doesn’t expect to get the best time on the first go. They know that with training and practise, they can stretch themselves little by little, day by day in order to work towards winning the race.

This isn’t a sprint. This is a marathon.