Why is it that people are more productive between 4.30am and 7am?

Well, two reasons.

Your hormones are at their highest during that time of the morning but also, you have the least amount of distraction.

Our brains, by nature don’t want to work hard, you need to understand this.

Your brain is by nature hard-wired to not want to work hard.

It is looking to literally expend the least amount of energy possible. And as a result, your brain puts on these cognitive filters which filter all incoming information and only put through to you the information that is most relevant and important based what is a threat or an opportunity.

As a result when you get into the day and you’re being bombarded with an enormous amount of information, your brain is constantly filtering information and therefore your ability to ascertain the difference between what’s important and what’s not, and what’s an opportunity and what’s a threat is diminished depending on your level of self-awareness.

So, between the hours of 4.30am and 7am you have less information coming in so you have greater scope to interpret the information that’s coming to you.

Kerwin Rae