Calm assertion lends itself naturally to a calm leadership style because it engenders trust, creates respect and may inspire others. To establish a level of authority in a group when expressing your viewpoint or educated opinion, what is most authoritative and influential is…

Calm assertion.

A high level of calm assertion and certainty is way more influential than someone who comes out with an ego who’s trying to demonstrate they’ve got something to prove.

Someone who knows what they’re talking about and they’re certain about their contributions, in the way that they deliver, in what they have to say, are far more influential than someone who’s just trying to prove that they should be in the room.

Ask yourself the question, ‘Am I speaking right now just to be heard or am I speaking right now because I can add value?’

Calm assertion is how to establish yourself as the most influential person in the room.

Calm assertion is the way to go every time.

Kerwin Rae