Become an overnight sales guru!

The most consistent sales tool is a strong psychology, a psychology that can deal with failure and feedback that is categorized as rejection, on a consistent basis.

Consistency is underpinned by emotional resilience, and grit, the ability to experience suffering but keep going.

Anyone who’s successful in any area of fitness knows this because success in any area of fitness field means you have had to push through the pain barrier consistently, to be able to win races or perform at a high level consistently.

The same is true if you want to be successful with sales, you have to develop consistency.

Now the outside world will create inconsistency if we keep hanging around and waiting for the perfect conditions for us to achieve sales in, you can’t wait for the world to show up in the way that you want it to.

You have to show up in a consistent way that makes the world bend to your will, and your consistency will cause the world to bend to your will.

The most important tool to do that is a strong psychology which is underpinned by strong internal stories and suggestions, strong beliefs and values, and a strong identity knowing who you are.

All of those things create a very strong sense of self worth and certainty, and those qualities become influential tools in themselves too.

My advice is work on you. Develop a good relationship with failure and rejection, and realise that rejection is the pathway.

Sales is one of the most powerful ways to develop yourself very quickly because you’re in negative situations a lot and as herd animals we don’t like being rejected.

We associate rejections with a threat and death, so when you’re in a sales situation you’re just constantly facing threat and death, so to speak, all day long.

As a result that affects people mentally and physically/ So it affects sales people consistently and thereby affects their consistency. The way that you convert that response to something positive is by giving it a different meaning, one that is empowering. Then you’re learning and getting better with every rejection you get and this will lead to producing consistency.

Try that one on and see how it goes.

Kerwin Rae