For me, I think a sign of humility is when someone gives you feedback and you have the ability to sit, listen and not feel like you have to respond.

You need to be open to feedback.

So it’s really important when people give you feedback you don’t go, “No-no-no-no…”

But instead go, “Let me actually think about that to see what truth there”.

People who are in ego are very reactive, and so they sit there and they listen and there’s literally no space in between when you finish talking and they start responding.

Yes you can seek clarification but I’d even suggest before you seek clarification give it five seconds and if you’re really humble 10, and just sit there and go, ‘’Hmm where is the truth in this? How is this true? Where is this showing up?’’

I actually believe one of the greatest assets that we have as entrepreneurs is this ability to develop a humility where people can almost say anything to us and we feel nothing and it’s not because we are emotionally numb it’s because we are willing to take any piece of feedback that is thrown our way and search for the truth because our desire for growth, our desire to become better, is greater than our desire to defend our position.

Kerwin Rae