Share Your Voice

I am excited to announce the #ShareYourVoice movement has now launched!

This campaign aims to emphasise the importance of sharing your story and message with the world. By sharing our toughest, most vulnerable experience/s as well as our lessons learnt from that, we become relatable and give people hope on their journeys.

And by using social media to share our story, we are amplifying how many people we can actually help.

I remember when we first launched the social experiment I thought 4000 views was amazing. And now we’ve got 40 videos with over a million views, and over a dozen videos with over 20 million views.

Every viral video reminds me that I have a responsibility to help people. And you have a responsibility too.

You have the platform and the responsibility to #ShareYourVoice.

Most people look at their story and think that it’s not quite enough, and feel they need to sugar coat it with bells and whistles like it’s making them look somewhat more significant.

Newsflash! People don’t relate to the bells and whistles. People don’t relate to ‘perfection’ because it doesn’t exist. They relate to the mud, the blood, the sweat and the tears.

Ask yourself, do you know what your authentic story is? Because it’s time to reveal the mud and blood.

Here’s how to join the movement…

Step 1.
Post your video and answer:
What’s a tough thing you’ve gone through?
What did you learn?

Step 2.
Ensure you start with “Hey guys, I’m jumping on board the hashtag share your voice movement…”

Step 3.
Tag 2 people to do the same and #ShareYourVoice


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Kerwin Rae