In order for you to ascend to the highest level in business, there’s demand from the market, NO scratch that… there is a desperate need for greater levels of authenticity in business.

Mark my words that the biggest innovations we will see coming from business in the Social age will be derived from greater levels of transparency and a push for more authentic interaction. 

Too many people in business are trying to be something that they’re not.

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Be Authentic in Your Business

There is a segment of people in business who believe they have to put on a false front and pretend to be perfect in order to win business. This is a BIG mistake.

Flaws make us human… and relatable…

Truth is, all of us are flawed and seeing the flaws in others displayed with a level of comfort, even confidence can make us feel more human and give us the opportunity for genuine connection.

There is a vocal movement in the market from people wanting to do business with others who are comfortable with themselves. Who know who they are and are okay about their shortcomings.

Because what I can tell you right now is you trying to cover up your flaws is a weak attempt at trying to be perfect.

Perfection is flawed not faultless. That’s what makes us perfect humans. Flaws are what we need to grow, flaws are needed to evolve. 

Perfection doesn’t evolve it gets left behind


When you’re trying to cover up your flaws it is a weak attempt at trying to be perfect. The natural consequence will be you attracting others who are also attempting to cover up their flaws in a weak attempt to be perfect as well.

The consequence of this type of behaviour when starting a new relationship is you end up with flawed relationships based on a deception that actually is not required. 

What do you think is the lifespan of this type relationship?

Nowhere near as long as an authentic relationship. Because at some point the flaws will be seen and people may feel deceived, even lied to, resentful or remorseful for trusting you were as perfect as you presented yourself to be. You lied.

At some point, we all show our humanity and it is often expressed in our shortcoming and mistakes. After all, we’re only human right?

If you have created this perfect persona that can be a massive disappointment when people discover you are a character pretending to play a role that isn’t yours.

The Value of Authentic Relationships?

The greater the authenticity the greater the strength and endurance of the relationship.

Relationships are one of the two key factors in growing your business (see my previous post regarding relationships called The Shocking Truth about Success)

Because relationships drive business and enduring, authentic relationships drive long-term success.

The lifetime value of your clients will be based on the quality of relationship you create.

Authenticity in Business

The more authentic your relationships, the more resilient and long lasting they will be. And more patience and tolerance will be given when you inevitably make mistakes. 

The more authentic relationships you have the more wealth you will build.

Wealth doesn’t come from money, real wealth comes from the quality and depth of authentic relationships you have. Money is a consequence of this, not a goal.

What prevents people from creating quality relationships that drive growth?

It is ALL about focus and when you focus on the wrong thing it can kill growth. And if you’re focusing on the wrong thing and you’re not aware of it, not only are you likely to be not growing, you are possibly baffled by your lack of growth because of your limited awareness.

Read that paragraph twice.

Awareness and consciousness drive our ability to become more authentic

Authenticity in Business

What I want to point out here, is of all the companies that we’ve taken from a 1x to a 10x in under 2 years, with all of them, there is one thing that we don’t focus on.

We don’t focus on Money. Not at all.

We focus first and foremost on building quality authentic relationships around and inside the business and money flows naturally.

That might sound really weird but focusing on money is what I refer to as “the false target”. And the false target is the reason why so many people screw up their business.

It’s like golf.

Picture this: A golfer sets up for a shot, they put all their energy into looking at the ball, their grip, their stance, the angle of the hips and get so wound up, so tense, so distracted from this focus that when they strike the ball it ends up going everywhere but straight.

The key to good golf is to learn the mechanics of the swing, then get out of your head and connect with the hole in the grass on the green. The end result. Everything else is a false target.

Authenticity in Business

In my experience when people focus on money they often do it at the detriment of building quality relationships and make sacrifices that may lead to short-term financial wins but end up as long term relationship disasters that cost money because the relationship goes elsewhere.

Relationships are the long game that wins. Where the relationships go money flows.

In Dan Pink’s book, Drive – The surprising truth about what really motivates us, there is some compelling research.

There are about 40 years of data that tells us that money focus and/or financial incentives in more than 80% of cases, dramatically increases the probability of overly risky behavior, deceitful behavior, lying, cheating, and omission.

With a money focus, not only does it increase the probability for people to lie, cheat, steal, omit and deceive, but it also narrows their focus and often leads to massive mistakes because they didn’t see things coming.

When you focus on money, the result is you start to miss everything else

Authenticity in Business

Another surprising stat from the book… in 80% of cases money focus actually kills productivity and performance as well. The science is very compelling and I have seen it to be 100% true over the last 18 years of building businesses.

The answer is to focus on authentic and genuine relationships that last long term that can stand the test of time.

When you focus on relationships, adding massive value and personal connection, what do you think starts to flow as a natural consequence?


Get your priorities straight.

Let me know your thoughts and questions below!

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