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She’s blonde, beautiful and taking the Australian fitness industry by storm!

This week I chat to former Biggest Loser coach, author, Fila activewear designer and The Living Room host Tiffiny Hall about her busy life as an entrepreneur, how she turned her dream business into a reality, and what life is like juggling her company ahead of having a newborn. Tiff is a true testament that hard work and hustle pay off. Let’s dive into it!

Tiff, what is your current mantra right now?

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

What do you think your purpose is? To add value to others by helping them to feel confident, connected and healthy in mind and body. I really want to help people all over the world find fitness with meaning.

You’re an established Australian entrepreneur and media personality – did you always know you wanted to get into business?

Absolutely, but I lacked the confidence for a long time and it took years to find the right team who could match my work ethic and passion. I grew up in my parent’s small business. They started the first full-time Taekwondo facility in Australia the year I was born, and now it is one of the largest martial arts schools in the country. I rode the ups and downs with them. I saw how hard and relentless it is to be in business. But most of all I learnt you have to roll with the punches and be resilient. Never give up. My parents, both Taekwondo instructors, would always say to me, “You’re only as good as your last class”. This is something I’ve carried through my business, you’re only as good as your last product, your last program, your last book, your last active wear line. Quality and expertise means everything to me.

How did you turn your dream into a reality?

I’m an internationally recognised 6th dan black belt in Taekwondo which is one of the highest qualifications you can have for my age. I’m a PT too with special qualifications in boxing and MMA. I’ve been a trainer for years on The Biggest Loser, have trained celebrities, written health books – I had all of this expertise and knowledge but I didn’t know how to reach more than one person at a time. On TV I was training a team, but I couldn’t train the viewers at home, my books could only do so much without me being there. So when I met my business partners who specialise in digital marketing and building online programs, all of a sudden I had a platform for my training system to go national and international which became TIFFXO.COM. It was a culmination of 25 years of perfecting a fun training method based on mixed martial arts that anyone can do with any level of fitness conditioning. The difference between my online health and wellness program and others, is that I wanted to keep it personal. So I present every video to you at home. I coach you personally, take you through modifications, HIIT and toning workouts and yoga. I didn’t want to offer a library of exercises. I wanted to coach.

How would you describe your brand?

TIFFXO is fun, and all about being happy-fit, and empowering women to be the best version of themselves, not just in body but in mind too. Everything I do from books, to television, to designing active wear – I try to keep health and fitness fun. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you get results and look forward to it. Happiness has to be key, absolutely staying in the moment, not waiting to be happy when you achieve this or achieve that.

What do you attribute your success to?

I started working from the age of 12. I cleaned toilets and vacuumed and did tiny jobs on reception at my parents first Taekwondo school. I started assistant instructing by the age of 14 and then by 16 I was taking my own classes. I’ve always been driven and extremely hard working. My mum always said, “You want something done, give it to a busy person”. So I’ve never been scared to load up my plate. Looking back now, my work ethic has set me apart from so many other kids at school, at university and at work, but I would attribute my success to being able to work well as a team. The success of TIFFXO is a team effort. I love working with creative, dynamic and passionate people.

Name something that was a game-changer to your business?

The free month on TIFFXO I was able to offer to everyone thanks to a partnership with that’s life! magazine. I wanted to help as many people as I could as quickly as I could.  When you know you have a good product, you want as many people as possible to sample it.  I now have over 16,000 members and I’m just thrilled.

What is business innovation to you?

Always listen to your customers.  If you listen to them day in day out, and respond accordingly you are always innovating. My number one motivation for change and making things better is my members (who I call my Ninjas)! If you get stuck in the ‘my way or the highway’ frame of mind then you close yourself off to innovation.  I am in the community with my members every single day – I read every comment and every question and constantly ask myself, “What I can do better for them?”

How do you stay motivated?

My Ninjas doing the online health and wellness program on TIFFXO. They share their lives with me and I feel so honoured to help them to feel stronger and healthier. Whenever I lack motivation I jump into our community and read the posts of transformations, wins, non-scale victories and see their welfies (workout selfies). I can’t help but feel proud of them and want to help more.

For those looking to get into business, in your opinion, what are the three things they should consider?

Be passionate. Half arsing any business venture will cost you. You have to be passionate, and if you are passionate and have a heartfelt reason for starting the business, it will ring true in every one of your business connections, partnerships, exchange and message.

Be hungry. No. Be ravenous. It’s hard at times. But you have to roll with the punches, get knocked down 7 times and get up 8.

Be authentic. There’s competition. There are copycats. Shine as yourself and people won’t be able to ignore you or your brand. You can only fake it for so long. But you can’t fake expertise and experience. So when I see competition, I study, I become more qualified, I get creative and you can’t mess with that.

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What has been your biggest challenges in business to date?

We wanted to deliver personal videos where I coach the member one on one through the workouts. Our members love it, and nothing exists like this out there. But it does mean we need to turn over 50 fresh workout videos a month and it can be very challenging on my body and on production. But I am committed to it. I never want to lose the personal touch with my members.

When it comes to health, what are three things you do every day without fail?

I exercise in some way. I meditate. I laugh with my husband.

How do you avoid business burn-out?

It’s relentless, but you have to learn to switch off. For me, having a business online, with a vibrant community means I have to be available 24/7. But I’m learning to power down. Meditation is so important especially now being pregnant, and also spending quality time with my husband Ed. I have to remind myself it’s very hard to please everyone and there’s only one Tiff. One of my first jobs after university was as a journalist and I worked 9-5. How good were those days? I’m up at 5am now working, and sometimes don’t get off my computer or phone until 10pm. I try to remind myself if I’m not healthy and happy then my members will see that and the business will suffer. So if I take a day off, it will benefit the business long term.  

How do you think you will approach running a business and motherhood?

The struggle to juggle is real. I’ll outsource if I have to. But the best thing about running your own business is being flexible. My child may have to be with me in the dojang (Taekwondo training hall) whilst I film workouts, and I may not be able to do so many extras, but I’ll make it work. If you want something done, give it to a busy person, right? Like all things, it will be a matter of learning on the job. It’s uncharted waters. I’m so lucky my members are very understanding, mostly mothers and we are very prepared so I will be able to take some time off filming workouts to recover. My husband is very hands on so I will be well supported by him, my family and my business partners.

What are the three biggest things you are most excited about at the moment?

Being pregnant and becoming a mother, working on new and exciting things for the launch of next month’s TIFFXO and discovering new ways to strengthen and nurture my pregnant body, which is fascinating!

It was a real honour and pleasure to have Tiff share her story with us which clearly demonstrates the power of discipline, structure and a killer work ethic and its impact on success.  Good luck on your next adventure as a parent Tiff your kids will be ninja’s in every sense of the word!

For more inspiration from Tiff or to connect with her online, visit or follow the links to her Instagram and Facebook channels here.

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