Money has its own hierarchy, and money has its own value system.

So, here’s what I’ve observed that money is looking for if you want it to flow to you in abundance.


The first thing that money is looking for, is it’s looking for structure. By structure do you have a structure to farm it and to protect it?

Because most people who are experiencing high levels of lack, they have no structure, and if they do, they’re constantly jumping from one structure to the next.


The second thing that money is looking for is order. And by order, where does it fall on the level of importance in your life?

If you want to have more money in your life, then you have to start putting some importance on it, but most importantly you need to start putting the importance on the activities that bring it in.


The third thing that money is looking for is appreciation. Now before we get all fucking goo-goo, woo-woo on it, I’m not talking about going, “Ohhhmmm I appreciate money,” in some sort of dancing around the fire hippie ritual – I’m talking about, is there a level of great gratitude for what you have?

When you start to apply appreciation to money, and appreciation to the things that contain it and bring it in, what does money naturally do as a consequence?

What does money do when it’s appreciated? It grows.

The birth of money was there to be appreciated. The reason money was introduced was to produce more money.


And you know the last thing that money’s looking for? It’s looking for flow.

Money doesn’t like to stagnate, it likes to be moving and when we talk about flow where do you think money wants to flow?

It wants to flow into other structures where it gets a higher level of order and greater levels of appreciation. We call that investment and that’s why most wealthy people use investments as a way to store their money.

Money has its own value system. Get to know it

Kerwin Rae