Question: You have mentioned that sometimes people freak out when it comes to cost. I find that sometimes that might be a tactic to try and get the same thing for a cheaper price. So how do you deal with it if it’s just a bargaining tactic?

Kerwin: Look, ultimately they can see the value and they’re going to go, ‘’Well you know, I just want to make sure I can get the best deal possible’’.

You say, ‘’Hang on, I’m a little bit confused. I said on the phone call that I’m value driven not price driven. But now you’re trying to drill me down on price. So, I’m actually losing money. I must be missing something. What is it?’’

‘’So look, I’m happy to ensure that you get value for money but I don’t negotiate on my rate. My rate is what it is.’’

I don’t discount but I promise to add value.

And depending on the person that may sound arrogant. But arrogance can be a tool that isn’t necessarily attached to your ego. Does this make sense?

You can use arrogance as a positioning tool and again sometimes I sound arrogant, I know I don’t know that but I’m sure there’s got to be times I sound arrogant. And I never intend to be arrogant but maybe it came across that way because I was trying to get an outcome.

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance but intent counts more than technique and if my intent is to get an outcome, you know I’m not driving just to feel validated.

Kerwin Rae