You know what’s interesting, I’ve spent some time with some fortune 500 companies in the US and it’s interesting to get inside the minds of companies that have hundreds of millions of dollars to play with.

There are many of these companies now.

And from spending time with these big players, one of the things I’ve noticed is what market they are targeting.

They’re actually targeting 13-21 year old kids, when their demographic is 35 to 55.

And you know why they’re targeting 13-21, even up to 25-year-olds?

Because they’re grooming them to become clients in 20 years’ time.

That is the level of forward thinking that some of you are competing with right now.

And I’m not saying, you have to think 20 years ahead. But what I am saying is you need to start thinking further ahead than perhaps what you might doing right now.

Kerwin Rae