Who’s ever been in the situation before where someone has gotten you so hyped up and so excited that they actually start to manipulate or influence you to do something that ends up being a complete fucking car crash?

We’ve all been there.

Now let’s look at the flipside. Has anyone ever been so sceptical, so negative, so pessimistic that an opportunity was given to you and all you saw was the downside and then 6-12 months later you’re like, ‘’Fuck I really missed out on a big opportunity there.”

This is the spectrum of high positive and low negative and in the middle we have what’s called neutral.

And most of us are in a constant state of swinging backwards and forwards between happiness and unhappiness.

Every chaotic event in this world can be traced back to an unbalanced emotion.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t be really happy whilst thinking about something sad? And you can’t be really sad whilst thinking about something happy?

In order for you to maintain a heightened level of excitement you have to literally filter out all of the negative aspects of your life and all of the potential downsides of the situation that you’re in at that moment.

I like to be able to assess things evenly. I like to be able to look at what is the potential upside of this relationship and this opportunity? But I also like to look at what the potential downside is.

And the way that we get there is by trying to maintain what’s called a mutual perspective, and neutral is when we are absent of emotion.

Now here’s the thing, people go, ‘Absent emotion, that sounds fucking boring’.

But what is the root of all human chaos? Emotions.

Kerwin Rae