How I approach learning new things

To live a big life and play a big game you have got to keep growing, so here’s how I tackle learning something new.

Focus on the things you’re interested in

I don’t like to learn things just for the sake of learning. I don’t have time to do anything just for the sake of doing it.

My time is very structured, very ordered and very scarce.

Now, I have the same 24 hours that you do, which is the same 24 hours that everybody has, but I use my time very differently.

I try and do everything as efficiently as I possibly can. Which means if I’m going to embark on a new learning process, I have to be really fucking interested in the knowledge I’m going to receive.

Immersion training

When I do have a special interest, I go all in.

For example, when I was trying to conquer skydiving, I did 200 jumps in 12 months, so it’s probably fair to say that when I want to learn something new I’m obsessive and I fully immerse myself in the process.

That’s the type of personality I have though.

I’ve recently been interested in learning about special weapons and tactics training so I flew over to Ukraine and spent 14 and half days training with the US, UK and Ukraine special forces.

A lot of people thought I was going over there to play with guns and go bang bang, but for me it was all about having an immersive learning experience.

It was about learning how to condition myself to a level of stress that enabled me to deal with situations and circumstances at levels of intensity that most people would crumble under.

I love hacking the shit out of that sort of stuff.

So, if you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to feeding your brain with the knowledge, power and potential it needs, my advice would be to find new things to learn that you’re actually interested in, and then immerse yourself in it. Do that, and you’ll take over the world.

Kerwin Rae