An Honest Chat About Cheating

With Amy Ledin

This guest delivered one of the most open, honest and refreshing conversations I’ve had in a while on this podcast. Amy Ledin, CEO of the multi-million dollar company ‘Lean Bodies Consulting’ and former U.S Navy bootcamp coach, has been through indescribable pain and adversity in her lifetime.

In this podcast, Amy touches on her difficult childhood, putting up her baby for adoption at the age of 18, losing almost 100 pounds, facing her marriage-ending affair, and battling stage 4 cancer for almost 7 years. 

Amy’s story is a down-to-earth, genuine and open communication about some of the hardest things that most people would keep a secret all their lives. This podcast is refreshing to listen to, and you will find yourself being enlightened through Amy’s hardships and trauma, and the lessons she has learnt along the way.

In this episode, you will learn:


  • 01:00 What Amy does for work
  • 10:00 When Amy start working on herself
  • 14:00 When Amy started her therapeutic journey
  • 19:00 The truth about judgement
  • 22:00 How Amy explained her affair to her kids 
  • 27:00 How the affair affected her children’s development
  • 29:00 The importance of acceptance in healing and parenting
  • 31:00 What was Amy’s relationship with her kids like, following the affair
  • 33:00 Practical takeaways from Amy’s growth work
  • 36:00 Amy’s cancer journey
  • 40:00 Amy’s health routines and practices that healed her 
  • 41:00 Best advice you’ve ever received

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