Has anyone ever had a direct experience when trying to get someone to change, that no matter what you do, they still won’t change?

You’ve done everything from having conversations, to coaching, to mentoring – you may have even had mild interventions?

Has anyone ever experienced that before?

Do you know why those people don’t want to change?

Well maybe you should ask yourself that.

Have you ever had anyone try and change you? And when that someone tried to change you, how did it make you feel?

Who loves it when someone sits down with you and goes, ‘’Right I want to change you’’. Who loves that? Anyone love that shit?

Who actually finds it mildly concerning or even deeply unsettling when you have other people around you who are trying to change you?

On the other hand, who finds it really rewarding and incredibly refreshing when they surround themselves with groups of people who accept them for who they are warts and all?

And who finds themselves, when they’re in situations where they are surrounded by people who naturally support and care for them, that they find they are organically driven to want to be a better person?

Because one of the things that I’ve discovered, not just a leader in business but also as a human being in multiple communities, is that the more accepting you are of others for who they are, the more they naturally change on their own without any overall huge levels of intervention.

Don’t try and change people.

Kerwin Rae