18TH-A message to all dads

I think I am where I am because I was driven by this fear of being average. And at some point I realised I became afraid of dying average. For me, it was that feeling of being average that drove me to want to be better.

This is especially important to me when it comes to being a father.

You must know on some level within you, that you are special.

For me, this is about allowing that thought to become pervasive, all pervasive.

It’s allowing that little, “I know I’m special” thought, to become the pervasive thought verses the “I know I’m average” thought.

This is about being conscious of that language as it’s running in your mind, and choosing to switch to the positive talk track in the moments where it’s really important.

You must allow that desire to be special to come out in ways that are actually healthy.

If we don’t catch our passive, or negative, talk tracks it’s likely to lead to self-sabotage. If the self-sabotage is around a pressing health issue then the consequences of that can be the ultimate price. And none of us want to go out without being of maximum value to our kids.

If this is something you connect with maybe you have a challenge around your worthiness.

Your children deserve the right to have you around longer.

Your children are worthy of having you at their weddings.

Your children are worthy of having you at the birth of their children and your grandchildren, and you are worthy of being present in those moments as well.

For me, I encourage dads to really embrace that worth, and start realising that you are worth taking care of. Chances are, your wife takes care of you, your kids take care of you, everybody takes care of you. But how well do you take care of you?

Everyone else sees your worth. But the question is, do you?

Honestly, you are worthy of being at your childrens’ wedding.

You are worthy of being at the birth of your grandchildren.

You are worthy of being here. You really are.

Ultimately, you are your responsibility.


Kerwin Rae