It’s very hard to lead people when there’s not a high level of certainty coming from the top.

Mammals, no matter what form they come in, want to be led by only those who have high levels of certainty.

And to demonstrate certainty, you need to show you’re confident. And confidence is like a muscle, it can only be built by working it out.

People think if they read a book on confidence, they’ll become more confident. Or that they can go to a seminar and suddenly learn how to be confident.

But it doesn’t actually work that way. So how can we build more confidence?

Step 1 – Acknowledgement

First you need to acknowledge where you have a fear or lack a of confidence.

It’s about really understanding what areas you’re holding back in.

Step 2 – Set a goal

Secondly you need to identify a reason to push through the discomfort in order to build more confidence.

Because by having a goal you can identify that the lack of confidence is preventing you from moving forward or achieving something that’s important to you.

If you don’t have a goal, it’s going to be hard to build higher levels of sustained motivation if there isn’t a big enough reason as to why you want to build confidence in the first place.

Step 3 – Take action

And then step three is to embark on doing the very thing that we want to build confidence in.

If it’s leadership, or relationships or whatever it is, start putting yourself in situations where it allows you to build the muscle.

Because the reality is you can’t read a book on how to get big biceps and hope that you will wake up with big biceps. You have to start taking consistent action in order to build the skill, in order to get you closer to your goal.

Step 4 – Patience

The last step I would suggest is to give yourself the patience to build the muscle over a period of time. Give yourself the permission to fall. Give yourself the space to fail because in doing that you will learn and grow faster than ever.

Mastering anything new requires commitment. But with these four steps you will be able to build confidence in any situation in all areas of your life.

Go get confident!

Kerwin Rae