9TH-3 steps to create a mindset for success

Your belief system and your motivations are a massive part of your identity, and this is what ultimately shapes the psychology behind your mindset, and your reality.

But how do we ensure we have the right mindset for success?

The best way to change your mindset is to re-code it with auto suggestions, and thereby repattern your psychology which is nothing more than a product of the suggestions and stories you’ve been told, that your brain has hung onto, and that you play on auto pilot.

The second layer of psychology, is a set of beliefs that determine the way you filter more incoming information, and this determines your values or your motives – the reasons to do things and not to do things.

The fastest mechanism I’ve found to change my mindset is to start putting in new information. I start inputting new suggestions, and literally start telling myself different stories.

I call them commandments.

You literally start deciding and defining, deliberately and consciously, the suggestions you want to give yourself on a repetitious basis.

For example, after my stroke my memory was compromised so the way I rehabilitated my memory was by using suggestion.

I’d say to myself, “I have a photographic memory, everything I see, hear, smell, taste and touch I recall with crystal clear accuracy”.

Another example is when I first got into business I said to myself, “I am a master of sales and persuasion”.

I was making sure that I was creating the right mindset for success.

Then when I really got conscious of creating a new mindset, I created my own creed which I have printed up beautifully in my office so I see it every day.

My personal creed

I asked that I am guided to understand the infinite process of the psychological and metaphysical process of change and transformation, not just in its understanding and application within myself, also in its understanding, application and teaching to others.

I ask that I be receptive to my own divine love and guidance.

I ask that I be present in each and every moment and situation to see and experience the equanimity of love all around me.

9TH-3 steps to create a mindset for success1

I ask that my path be always clear and my heart and mind be always open.

I ask that I remain humbled in the absolute magnificence of the divine order that surrounds me and my fellow man.

I ask that my spirit be open to receive all of the spiritual and material gifts of life that a higher consciousness continually attracts.

I ask that I be privileged to share my message of love in 196 countries around this planet and that my legacy, message and love transcends my life and the lives of trillions of people and conscious beings to come.

I ask that I be privileged to consciously heal trillions of people through my shared knowledge and my shared gift.

This is my creed, this is my quest.

It is done.

I came up with this creed to…

A) I wanted to define my life

And B) I wanted to create a set of suggestions, whereby if they came true, as a natural consequence I’ll have achieved everything I want.

So I see one of the things that prevents people getting what they want is that they don’t consciously choose the programming that they have playing inside their head, their central operating system, their computer.

Napoleon Hill, in his book ‘Think and grow rich,’ called it auto suggestion. Auto suggestion is where you become consciously and acutely aware of the auto suggestions you are saying to yourself on a moment by moment basis to produce the behaviour that you want to demonstrate.

Most people are producing behaviours that they are holding onto as a result of suggestions that were given to them, that they are no longer conscious of. They’re just running these old, outdated and unhelpful thoughts on an unconscious loop on repeat.

3 steps to change your mindset

Step 1: Be aware and very conscious of the suggestions that you’re giving yourself on a moment by moment basis.

Step 2: Create your own personal creed. Write down and define the auto-suggestions you want to play on repeat to create new behaviours and manifest your new reality. Have it on display and read it every day – as often as possible.

Step 3: Keep repeating your new auto-suggestions to yourself, over and over and over until they have a level of stickiness and momentum that becomes your new programming, and as a result your behaviour naturally changes.

As a natural consequence of that you will experience a new reality and the right mindset for success.


Kerwin Rae