11 must-see UNSTOPPABLE moments of 2019

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know every week I release an episode of my podcast, Unstoppable. We’ve been in production for well over a year now, and we’ve had some pretty impressive guests in that time.

There’s no way I could pick a favourite- it’d be like picking a favourite kid. 

BUT, we’ve definitely had some funny, emotional, intense, ah-ha moments that our audience loved. 

So, as a little Christmas pressie to you, we’ve rounded up the absolute must-see moments from 2019.

Warning- mind-blowing may occur.

Jocko Willink

Jocko is an absolute beast and his book, Extreme Ownership, is one of my all-time favourites. As an ex-Navy Seal, Jocko knows a thing or two about discipline and responsibility.

His leadership philosophy is that of extreme ownership; when you’re in charge, you’re at fault. A good leader doesn’t blame the market or the product or their team, a good leader is able to say “Guys, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t on top of things, and I let this slip. Here’s what I’m gonna do to make it right.”

Justin Coulson

Justin is the only person in Australia with a degree in positive psychology and parenting, making him a great source of wisdom for parents everywhere.

We all know navigating tantrums and conflict can be tricky with tots, but he has three simple steps to reach a resolution that works for both parties.

He also has great advice for how parents (and anyone really) can apologise in a meaningful and productive way. Using his four-step method, we can turn blame into forgiveness and growth.

Dr. John Demartini

This man has had a profound impact on my life, and I have so much love and respect for him. As one of the brilliant minds behind The Secret, he knows a thing or two about psychology and perspective. 

He dropped an absolute truth bomb on how we judge ourselves and others on how we judge and use bias. When we look at someone and put them on a pedestal, we don’t realise we actually display all those admirable traits. Same for the flipside, when we look down on others, we’re really judging the parts of ourselves that we don’t like. 

Mind. Blown.

Death is always difficult to deal with, but Dr. John Demartini shared his perspective on how no-one is ever really gone, they’re just expressing themselves in a different way. 

Matter is never truly created or destroyed so that person’s energy lives on in different ways. 

Alexi and Preston Smiles

While the idea of #couplegoals and #relationshipgoals is a bit counterproductive, Alexi and Preston are definitely an inspiring duo, and on their episode of Unstoppable they talk all things conscious coupling.

They shared what it takes to grow as an individual without growing apart as a couple, and why relationships change over time. Definitely, an eye-opening clip, hearing them talk about embracing each season of the relationship.

It’s also really interesting to hear them redefine what unconditional love really is. We like to think we’ll love someone through thick and thin, but if we’re being honest, we all have conscious and unconscious agreements, standards, and expectations that all relationships have.

Peter Crone

This was such an unforgettable episode of Unstoppable, where Peter Crone performed a healing on me on camera and shared his wisdom about our relationship with ourselves and the universe.

When something goes wrong in our life or we’re dealing with pain, we often think about what we could have done differently or how it really should have unfolded. We tend to judge things as wrong or bad, then sulk about how things should be different.

Well, as Peter says, if you constantly try to force things to be other than what they are, you’re going to suffer.

This is such a powerful moment in the podcast, where Peter talks about how we judge ourselves is actually our biggest source of suffering. So much of our behaviour and stories are based on this idea that something is wrong. 

But what if you could let go of that judgment and accept yourself exactly as you are? 

How much better would your life get?

Grant Cardone

The man that needs to introduction (but we’ll do one anyway), Grant Motherf**king Cardone! This was an incredible episode, where Grant talks about how to tap into your potential with the limited time we have on this earth, staying good on your word, and thinking big.



Jaida Simone

Love, sex, and relationships are confusing, but Psychotherapist and Intelligence Neurohacker Jaida Simone is here to bring some clarity. She breaks down why we all crave that fantasy of a happily ever after when we logically know it doesn’t work like that.

She talks about what happens in our brain when we first fall in love, and how it’s possible to become addicted to that feeling. 

Turns out the honeymoon stage is really just a bunch of chemical reactions, who knew!

Angela Simson

When life gets hectic, our first reaction is often to complain and feel overwhelmed, without pausing to consider all the things we have to be grateful for. 

Angela Simson had this exact aha-moment when she realised that no matter how stressful or busy life gets, there’s always blessings and reasons to be grateful.

A lot of us see happy relationships all around us, but not many people are transparent about the work and sacrifice necessary to make a relationship work. When her marriage of 14 years started to get soured by frustration, resentment, and expectation, Angela realised something had to change. 

She answers the question, how do you love someone for who they are, when they’re not showing up how you need them to? 

Robert Hamilton Owens

Anytime you feel unmotivated, lazy, or coming up with excuses, think about this absolute beast, Robert Hamilton Owens, who ran 7 marathons in 7 days- at the age 66. 

Let THAT sink in.

As a man who’s accomplished incredible things, it’d be easy to think he’s some kind of superhero with all the answers, right? 


Robert opened up to me about how he puts his ego aside and learned to ask for help from others on finance, parenting, business, and more. 

Remember, it’s okay to admit that maybe you don’t have it all together, maybe you don’t know everything- and the people that accept that are often the strongest.

Seb Terry

Seb is a man committed to living life to the fullest and passionate about why we should spend our limited time on this earth doing things that light us up.

After a close friend of his passed away, Seb really reevaluated what’s important to him and made a list of the 100 things he wants to do. In this clip, he poses some really thought-provoking questions and puts into perspective what’s really important to us. 

He gives this great hypothetical question that will challenge your values, so I’d love to know your response in the comments!

Dr. Shannon Chavez

The birds and the bees can be a tricky conversation for parents to navigate so Dr. Shannon Chavez is here for the rescue! 

As a sex therapist, she had some incredible advice for parents on how they can have conversations about sex and bodies with their kids and gives some great insight into how parents model relationships, love, and intimacy.

And now, let’s talk about sex baby!

More specifically, let’s chat about porn and how it shapes expectations and socialisation of sex. There’s so many intricacies and layers to sexual relationships, so we need to ask ourselves if what we see in porn is healthy when it comes to how we approach intimacy.

Wow, as we wrap up 2019, it’s incredible to see just how many truly Unstoppable people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing. We can all learn a thing or two from these guests, and one thing they’ve definitely taught me is that there is always a way to make sh*t happen, and we are all Unstoppable in our own funny little unique way.
Keep your eyes peeled for more Unstoppable content in 2020…

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