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FAST GROWTH SUMMIT – Social Media Series

  • $500K from Snapchat…
  • $10M+ from Facebook…
  • $500K From Instagram…

It took us months to get right… But now I’ve finally cracked the code to generating actual PROFIT from social media…

And at the upcoming “Fast Growth Summit” I’ll be revealing my exact step-by-step blueprint for sky-rocketing your sales with social media.


Making Money From Snapchat How I Made $67K In 8 Weeks

In my first 11 days on Snapchat we attributed $11K in sales to the channel. By week 6 it was over $20K. And after 8 weeks we have had over $67K in sales and it is growing steadily.


The laws of intuition and intention

Are you aware that intuition is inbound information and that intention is outbound information? And that intention, that outbound information that you’re sending outwards from your body, creates and affects the world around us?

Getting organic reach in 2018

Kerwin Rae social media specialist Keane Marsh shares how you can maximise
organic reach by focusing on utility-content that’s useful to your audience. Here are six tactics you can add to your online marketing mix to get cut through with your audience and increase engagement, likes, comments, clicks and shares.

The Social Media Wrap – 14th September 2018

Just a couple of changes we're watching this week: LinkedIn officially launches Groups and Facebook rolls out "Instant" experience engagement tools. Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the...

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